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Charts in Google Sheets Not Updating

I have a Google Sheet that I am merging with data from a single row entered when a form is filled out.

The merged sheet has cells into which I have placed various returns from the form, such as {{First Name}} for instance that it is pulling from these single-line entries.

I am also replacing numeric cells in the sheet to calculate various values and had in the sheet some charts derived from these calculated fields.

While the data populates to the Sheet with no issue, performs the calculations, and shows as calculated output in the exported document, the charts do not populate.  The spaces they had occupied are simply left blank.

Any ideas on how to get the charts working and displaying in the output?

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How to call the value of a cell in one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet without copying by using its cell address.  It works between two pages but to with two different spreadsheets in google.

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