With Document Studio, you can convert Google Form responses to PDF documents using the Merge on Form Submit trigger available with Google Sheets and Google Forms.

Please read this tutorial or watch the YouTube series to get started.

What's new in Google Forms Trigger

Previously, Document studio would create PDF for all Google Forms that were linked to the current Google Sheet but with the new update, you can choose Google Forms that should be used for generating PDFs.

We've thus updated the sidebar and the Merge on Form Submit option is now available in its own section. 

Where is the Merge on Form Submit Option?

Open your Google Sheet, go to the Add-ons menu and choose Document Studio > Open to open the sheet sidebar.

Step 1: Inside the sidebar, go to the Google Forms section (after mail merge) and check the Enable option to generate PDFs from Google Forms. 

Step 2: Here you can also choose Google Forms that should generate PDFs.

Step 3: Once you have made the selection, go to the Finish and Merge section and choose Save to turn on the Form Submit trigger.

Help: I am not seeing Google Forms in Google Sheets

If you do not see the Google Forms section in the sidebar, please ensure that either Document Merge or Mail Merge is enabled first. Also ensure that your current Google Sheet is set as the response destination for at least one Google Form.