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Schedule mailmerge based on date

Currently you can schedule the DS mailmerge to occur every hour or on form submit.  I would like to schedule a daily job based on a date in the spreadsheet.  I have a form for announcements that are scheduled up to a week in advance.  Users indicate the date on which they want the announcement posted/read and then supply a brief announcement message (<150 characters).  The announcements are sent to a committee which is responsible for posting and reading the announcements over a PA system.  I would like the mailmerge to send the announcements for the next day (or the same day) to the announcers (a group defined in G-suite) based on that announcement date in the form/spreadsheet.  I don't know if this can be done with Document Studio or the Email Scheduler or some other tools from digitalinspirations.

You can explore our Mail Merge addon. 

It can send data in Google Sheets at a specified date and time and you can specify it in the sheet itself under the Scheduled Date column.

That's really my question.  It appears I have to pay the additional $29 to use both Document Studio and MailMerge, but I'm not sure the schedule trigger will work on a "Today" date value.

You can use the basic version of the Mail Merge - if you are sending only a few emails per day, it will work without having to upgrade to premium.

The date is not fixed.  The form submission come in up to a week before the Announcement date on which I want to send the emails.  This would mean that the trigger would be when the Announcement Date = Today and I don't see how to do that.

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