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Waiting for License Key After Payment

I paid for the licence upgrade for the file upload form,  but did not receive an email with a license key.  I've checked spam and nothing.  Can you please resend?

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It looks like you used a different email address when placing the order.

Your license was sent immediately to your @hotmail address while you have made this ticket from a @gmail address. Could you check your hotmail account as well for the license code.

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I am having the same issue but I used the same email address as my payment receipt was sent but not the license key.

@Nur - As per our records, the license key was sent to your email "co**n@clic**" - do check the spam folder as well.

Hello. I received it after sending you the feedback thank you!

I paid for my license key via the expired form upload web page, using a different Paypal email to my orginal signup.    I cannot find a license key email and I expected the expired form to start working again

Please reach out to me using my commonfence****@gmail account  

When will I get my License key, already made payment an hour ago.

i did not get the license key on my email , the spam box does not have 

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