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Send Google Form Notifications Based on Form Quiz Score


I wanted to confirm if it is possible to use a google form quiz score as a condition for an email notification? For example if someone scores 80 or higher this will trigger an email notification, or if someone scores 80 or lower it will trigger a different email notification. 

I purchased your add-on as I thought this was an option initially, but upon closer examination to the verbiage in your description below it appears it can only be used in the email subject and/or body. I currently do no have access to a G-suite account which allows for more functions through google classroom for form quizzes, and was hoping that your add-on would be a practical solution for this issue. 

Any assistance or additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, 

Stephanie Flores

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You can use Quiz Scores as a condition for email notifications in Google Forms.

To get started, create a new email notifications and check the "Conditional Notifications" checkbox to configure the conditions.

Here choose Quiz Score from the dropdown and specify the criteria as show here. 

Rule #1 - Send email to angus if the student's quiz score is 20 or less

Rule #2 - Send email to kira if quiz score is greater than 20

These conditional rules are part of one email notification rule. If you would like to send separate emails based on different Google Form quiz scores, you need to setup different email notification rules and specify the quiz score criteria in each of the rules.

The No Match Found input box may be kept empty in this case.

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