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Google Addon Error: refused to connect

When using the Google Sheets add-on for Mail merge, I am getting the following error message:

" refused to connect".

The gray screen is displayed in the sidebar and the app crashes. How to resolve the issue?


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This is known issue at Google’s end and it likely happens when a Google user is logged into multiple Google accounts. 

If your default Google account is not the one that is associated with the Google add-on, the sidebar of the Google add-on may display a green screen with the message “ refused to connect”

Please open your Google Chrome in incognito mode and open the same Google Sheet while you are logged into a single Google account. The error should not appear.

Alternatively, you may visit and log out of multiple Google accounts.

The error is displayed due to permission conflict between Google user accounts inside Google Sheets and Google Forms.

If you have multiple Google users logged in at the same time, and the main user logged to Chrome does not have permissions to the Google Sheet / Google Form add-on, this error will likely happen.

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