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Sell Digital Products Online

I started playing around with the Sell Digital Product online.  

I have successfully configured a business account and the practice emails work etc. 

A few questions.  Is there a way to specify what an individual PayPal smart button is "selling" once embedded in a website?  When I add the code to a website it is just the generic smart button. If there is not reference on the website that makes a statement "click here to buy my ebook" for example then the smart button is generic until clicked on.  

Once the PayPal payment flow window launches then I can see what is being purchased in the cart. Prior to that the button itself tells me nothing about what it would be selling. 

The other question, how do we change the quantity of something we want to purchase? Does that have to be its own unique smart button?

Appreciate your products!
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Hi Isaic Young,

Each item that you sell on your website through PayPal has a unique div id. It looks something like this:

<div id="digitalgoods-090520123858-ga01"></div>

If you would like to embed any custom text in your button, you can simply add it before this tag as shown here:

<h2>Buy my ebook or song</h2>
<p>You'll get the files in an email</p>
<div id="digitalgoods-090520123858-ga01"></div>

It is possible to change the quantity as well but it would require custom changes to the JavaScript.

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