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Duplicate my custom form

I need to create over 20 forms that all have about 10 identical fields, with the only difference being the header information and the directory where the files upload.

I created my first form intending to copy it and make minor changes. When I copied it, the spreadsheet columns were copied but the form was not. The form in the copy reverted to the original sample form with just three generic fields.

How can I duplicate my custom form?

This is VERY frustrating. I have to set up 12 nearly identical forms and it looks like I get to do it all manually. Seriously? Is there no workaround?

Any updates on this? I spent 30 minutes creating a rule that would email 40 different people based on an answer and don't want to keep doing that for multiple forms. Seems like a "save template or rule across your premium subscription" would be a basic feature.


I had also this problem, But they replied to me that is not possible at the moment.


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