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Mail Merge not tracking campaigns

I have ran two mail merge campaigns today and it shows that they have been sent. I have received emails back but when I run a report on open and click report, I get an error saying no email campaigns are currently getting tracked for both the mail merge campaigns. Please let me know how to resolve this.

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I have this same problem. 

Please ensure that you are not logged into multiple Google accounts.

Also, when setting up mail merge, please ensure that you have put a Campaign Name in the Tracking section for the app to register opens and clicks.

I have the same problem and although I've checked to not been logged into a multiple Google accounts and I have put a campaign name in the tracking section, the message "Sorry, no email campaigns are currently getting tracked" is showed when I ask for the "click and open report".

Thanks in advance for your support

There are thee possible reasons why you may see this message:

1. You upgraded to premium after you sent the campaign. The tracking cannot be enabled for campaigns sent prior to activation.

2. You sent a campaign from another Google account while you are checking the campaign reports in another Google account.

3. If you colleague sent the campaign from their account, even if the Google Sheet is a shared sheet, their campaigns won't show in your account.

If you still face any issue, please raise a support ticket mentioning your Google account email, the license key and the date when the campaign was sent with the campaign name.

Hi I have the same problem.

I have enabled all options in the "Enable Email Tracking", Open emails, link clicks and unsubscribe button.

When I ran my campaign nothing was being tracked or reported.

when I wanted to run another campaign. I made sure to test it first (did it twice) and it worked. So I ran the campaign and it did not track again.

All of the points mentioned in the previous post does not apply in my case. 

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